Friday, August 31, 2007

Navarro and Weast declared "Lawsuit Magnet"

Its official, Jerry Dean Weast, Nancy Navarro and the rest of the
Montgomery County Board of Education are "Lawsuit Magnets." It's
getting old talking about all the lawsuits filed against Weast and his

Parents who live south and east of the Middle School Magnet Consortium
are upset with the busing provided their children. Why, because there
is no busing, that's why. If you live to the North or West (i.e. where
the rich white people live) your children are provided buses, which they
don't need. Accordingly, 190 parents sent a petition the Jerry Dean and
the Board requesting transportation. In response, Jerry Dean, Nancy
Navarro and the rest of the Board said nothing.

Instead they sent Erik J. Lang out to say that the parents were told
about the busing in advance so they should not be upset. They also
blamed the Bush administration for not providing more money for busing.
Huh? Jerry Dean and Nancy Navarro like to blame Bush for any problems,
seems to work with lots of the voters. Hey, as bad as Bush is, you
can't blame everything on him.

They also proudly proclaimed that parents were told early on that kids
would not get transportation, so it is alright? Of course this is the
BOE that likes to spring things on parents or implement "initiatives"
without parents knowing what they are up to. I guess that is an

Stay tuned, the lawsuits on this one should be filed soon.

We're Shocked, Shocked that SAT Scores Drop by Double Digits!

Why are people surprised that County SAT scores dropped so much? Jerry
Dean Weast, Nancy Navarro and their band of merry board members have
abandoned the three Rs. Jerry Dean and Nancy Navarro prefer to teach
the facts of life. Like anal sex and changing ones gender. Wait a
minute, anal sex and chopping off body parts aren't part of the facts of
life. Actually, Navarro, Pat O'Neil, Shirley Brandman and the rest need
to pay back their political handlers and indoctrinate our kids with the
gay agenda.

In the meantime, the once highly regarded MoCo school system is falling
further behind other systems. Don't forget that the SAT was revised a
couple years ago to make it easier to pass. And our kids are still
falling behind their peers from the past and present. Our schools need
to get back to basics like math, English, geography, etc. When will
MoCo parents demand that Navarro and Brandman get rid of Weast, focus on the real facts of life, like having a family, instead of focusing on
queer politics. Exactly how many gay kids are there in MoCo schools?
No one knows.

We wonder why Jerry Dean and Navarro spend so much effort on the gay
agenda. In Massachusetts where some much effort went into "gay
marriage," only 57 gays have married this year. Exactly what is the
number of gays in our schools? Would you answer that Jerry?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Lawsuits continue to pile up against BOE!

Someone pass me a calculator! We can’t keep up with all the lawsuits filed against Nancy “Che”Navarro and her merry band of school board members. Prominent lawyer, Steven Van Grack(former Mayor of Rockville) has filed suit against the BOE in connection with MCPS refusal totell a student’s parents that he was addicted to dangerous narcotics. This is no crackpot lawsuit!The child went to the health teacher and counselor for help, admitting he was addicted to harddrugs. The school did not call his parents in response. What they did do is unknown as MCPShas hired high priced out of town lawyers to dismiss the lawsuit.

Are you surprised? MCPS demands its teachers tell students who have questions about sexeducation to ask a “responsible adult.” Responsible adult being defined as someone over age 18.How about the local drug pusher? He’s over 18? Is that what they told the child who is thesubject of the lawsuit? Isn’t this the same group of board members who don’t want parents ofchildren as young as age 12 to know they getting an abortion? And have MCPS provide thepayment for the abortion as well as the ride to Planned Parenthood. They also think is wrong toturn in the adult who got the youngster pregnant as well. Why? Because it may cause her to notget the abortion. Wait, is Planned Parenthood a major financial supporter of their campaigns?Is this a conflict?

Anyway, stay tuned. As we mentioned previously, the lawsuits are only beginning. Get yourwallet out, the BOE is writing checks you will have to cash.