Sunday, March 16, 2008

MCEA Puppet Masters At Work In District 4!

The Montgomery County Teachers Union (MCEA) has a grand plan to complete its take over of the County Council. Having lost badly in the recent school board primary, the MCEA has come up with a plan to further entrench itself as puppet master in MoCo. Bonnie Cullison the unashamedly lesbian, take no prisoners, destroy the opposition leader of MCEA has put her stamp of approval on Nancy Navarro to replace Marilyn Praisner in District 4. Navarro is sure to rubber stamp a steady stream of ultra-liberal policies submitted by Cullison’s other subjects on the Board of Education. You know, unisex bathrooms, sexualized cucumbers, heavy sedation for boys, teacher assisted abortion without parental notification, the list goes on. By moving Navarro up to County Council, Cullison can replace her with her failed choice in the primary, Alies Muskin. Adding Navarro to the Council will give Cullison complete control over both the school board and the county council.

Cullison will send her army of union activists to the polls on their paid day off, thanks to we taxpayers, and push the so called Apple Ballot. Lets hope the Apple Ballot stays rotten this time.

Meanwhile the voters keep throwing money at the school system as it falls behind other Maryland counties (Howard now, Frederick next). Its seems funny how the “choice” crowd hate choice when it comes to schools. For about one-half what we spend now, we could institute charter schools with smaller classes, no lawsuits as parents could choose ultra liberal or conservative or something in between and boys will not be an endangered species at all these schools either. Allowing choice would get rid of the de facto segregation now in place and create a model for the rest of the country. A model to be proud of.