Monday, March 10, 2008

Media Ignore Major Story

Parents and taxpayers in Montgomery County collect over 30,000 valid petition signatures and the news media ignores the story. Recently formed Citizens for Responsible Government (CRG) <> were able to collect enough signatures to put the new transgender protection act on the November ballot. This was a major achievement as the group had to collect signatures during the Christmas holiday season and in the dead of winter. Led by Theresa Rickman and Dr. Ruth Jacobs, CRG was able to mobilize a large group of volunteers to get the required signatures. The effort is designed to overturn a bill passed with overwhelming support by Ike Leggett and the entire council.

The bill was pushed by Duchy Trachtenberg and her Senior Advisor, Dana Beyer (a transgender man who goes around dressed as a woman). The bill seems designed to cater to one person, namely Beyer. Beyer desperately wants to use the ladies room but knows under current law he could be arrested. He currently uses a unisex single bathroom at the council building.

During the collection process, Beyer was caught on video harassing a 69 year old grandmother who was collecting signatures. Rather than being fired, Beyer is praised by all the council members, especially Mike Knapp. (Knapp is finished politically unless he moves to Takoma Park. Further, Beyer has gotten outside money to PAY lawyers to find ways to stall or stop the referendum. So, Leggett and the council pass a law hidden in a taxi bill, allowing their star child, Wayne/Dana Beyer to use the ladies room, they get busted by moms, they lie about what the bill actually says, then the star child gets big gay bucks to stop the moms and there is even video of Beyer harassing the moms.

All this makes for some great media attention, right? Wrong! The media will not touch its sacred cow, the gay and transgender agenda. In fact, the only story I saw in the Gazette took the position that the law was changed so Beyer could not use the ladies room. Can they be that dumb at the Gazette? I don’t think so. Knapp and Leggett could be played for a fool by Trachtenberg, but the Gazette and the other media are not that stupid.

The hubris of the council and Leggett is causing widespread defection from the Democratic Party. MoCo liberals are finally getting fed up. This time Trachtenberg and company have gone too far.