Friday, April 27, 2007

Schizophrenia same as cancer according to Weast and BOE

A child who heard voices, wet her pants, wears diapers, runs from class, has been HIV positive since age four months, lived her whole life with foster parents, makes hyper-sexual and violent writings, cuts her leg, puts pins in her ears, has been hospitalized many times and is suicidal, asked Jerry Weast and the BOE for a special program to help her learn. She was given a “flash pass” so she could leave the class whenever she heard voices telling her things and was only graded on the assignments she actually completed. Thus, her grades appeared satisfactory. When her foster parents sued for a special program, Weast and the BOE put their lawyers to work. They lost all the way to the United States Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. In court Weast and the BOE said the following quoting their own witness, “one would not “treat schizophrenia with special education any more than you would treat cancer with special education.’” See BOE Reply Brief at page 29. Yes, that is what they said. These are the same folks who told those who don’t agree with their sex education indoctrination program that “you don’t have to send your child to public school.” Needless to say the court disagreed and gave the young girl her program. You can read the courts opinion at <>

We have no idea how much the lawsuit and appeals cost us because Weast and the BOE hide these costs in the budget. We estimate about $500,000. How long will we give Weast and the BOE a blank check to spend on lawyers? We must bridle Weast; losing in court has no effect.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

MoCo BOE, Friends of Lawyers

Jerry Weast and the Montgomery County Board of Education are the great friends of D.C. and Howard County lawyers. Although most of the legal fees expended by Weast and his Board are hidden in the operating budget, we found some tidbits of information about some of the outside lawyers Weast uses to fight his legal battles.

As best we can tell, Weast paid two different law firms about $219,000 to lose a lawsuit about flyers in the schools. The BOE is about to pay about $250,000 to the lawyers who won the case as well. Was it worth a half-million dollars to keep 10 kids from sending out their flyer about a Bible study? Having lost the first flyer lawsuit the BOE changed their policy, dared the winner to sue them again and then lost again. Each time paying for both sides' legal fees. Sound familiar? Recently, Pat O'Neil and Sharon Cox told the Parents and Friends of ExGays and Gays (PFOX) and Citizens for Responsible Curriculum (CRC) to "bring it on" referring to another lawsuit over the failed sex education curriculum. This after they spent over $320,000 on legal fees on the sex education controversy. Not to mention the sum they paid the winning lawyers in that lawsuit. Oh, and they lost the last lawsuit in 5 days. How do you produce a curriculum so bad that you lose a federal lawsuit in 5 days? (BOE says they did not lose, but the court entered an injunction saying there was such a high likelihood that PFOX and CRC would win that he stopped the curriculum in its tracks causing Weast to throw it out, that friends is called losing a lawsuit) Did Weast or anyone on the Board actually read the prior curriculum before spending so much money on lawyers to try and defend it? And, I don't include all the consultants and private investigators paid for these cases.

Using Weast's own budget numbers we know he spends over $14,000 per student. (We think its much higher but can't prove it just yet) I checked with a local parochial school to find out how much they charge. You can send 2 kids to a nice school for under $10,000. Should we be thinking about a voucher program? (Adjustment for children with special needs of course) If you want your kids being indoctrinated in the pet issue of the day, you send them to Jerry Weast Academy. If not, you send them somewhere else. We all like choices and everyone knows competition is a good thing. Except in MoCo schools, where everyone has to be a winner, especially Jerry Weast his Board of Education.

Problem is, no matter how many millions Jerry spends on lawyers, he keeps losing.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Parents Not Trusted to Talk About Sex

The Montgomery County Board of Education voted unanimously against directing children to their parents with questions about sex. During the recent hearing about the new sex education curriculum embraced by the BOE, the question of how to deal with student questions was resolved against parents.

Teachers confronted with difficult questions about sex and religion or homosexuality and religion were told to direct students to a "Trusted Adult." The BOE defined "Trusted Adult" as anyone over age 18 whom the child trusts. Members of the parent group, Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum (CRC) requested that "Trusted Adult" be defined as parents first and if no parent is available then a close family member or adult over the age of 21.

A CRC spokesman stated that it’s inappropriate to refer students to someone 18 years old to talk about religion, sex or both. The Maryland legislature will not allow a 18-year-old to drink alcohol, but the BOE wants them counseling students as young as 13 about homosexual conduct, religion and sexual variations.

The CRC requested the BOE and Jerry Weast reconsider the definition of "Trusted Adult" but so far the BOE has stood firm in its faith that local 18 year olds will be perfect sex counselors for our students as long as the child "trusts" the "adult." Stay tuned.