Monday, February 11, 2008

Sore Winners

The Montgomery County Board of Education finally wins a lawsuit and its leader gloats and reacts pridefully. When asked about the ruling of a local judge favoring the school board in connectionwith the flawed sex ed curriculum, Pat O’Neill, the former President of the Board and currentleader said of the parents involved in the suit “I say [they] get out of town, shut up, quit costing Montgomery County taxpayers money for litigation, and we're right and parents believe we'reright." She said this to a reporter at the DC Examiner hardly a tolerant statement from “Ms. Tolerance” herself. According to Ms. O’Neill she is tolerant and nonjudgmental,yet when asked about parents who disagree with her, she gleefully demands that they“get out of town.” Where is the tolerance in that? In fact the very sex ed program O’Neill and therest of the Board so disparetly desire to force on parents defines tolerance as “accepting those whoare different.” (Not at all the dictionary definition of tolerance but the BOE has never let truth getin its way) Why does O’Neill NOT accept those parents who disagree wtih her? Because she is a hypocrite and dishonest. Plain and simple. Other board members remained silent about the lawsuit but none denounced the intolerant statements of O’Neill.

So the truth is now known.. The MoCo Board of Education wants parents who disagree with them to “get out of town.” Contrast this with the statement of the lawyer who represented the parent groups in the original lawsuit against the BOE where the federal judge found that the BOE clearly violated the religious rights of parents and shut down the sex ed curriculum in a case that took 1 week for the parents to win. As part of the settlement, the BOE was forced to allow the lawyer to address the BOE. Did the lawyer demand the BOE “get out of town?” No, he said the parent groups “loved” the BOE and wanted to “work with them” toward a curriculum “acceptable to all the parties involved.” He requested the BOE to allow the parent groups to have their voices heard in the development of a new curriculum. Yet, O’Neill says it’s the parents who are intolerant. In this case words (and actions) speak loudly and reveal much.

Yes the “intolerant” parents told the BOE they “loved” them when they won their lawsuit and the “tolerant” BOE tells the parents to “get out of town” when they win. How long will the voters fall for the phony tolerance of the BOE and realize they believe in free speech only for themselves andnot for anyone who disagrees with them. How long will the voters tolerate such intolerant and hypocritical leaders at the BOE?