Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tranny Insanity!

Tranny insanity continues in Montgomery County. County citizens organized a petition drive to place the new transgender discrimination law on the ballot in November. This bill was supported by all the county council and Ike Leggett (former board member of PFLAGG). The bill allows a person to use public accommodations according to one’s “perceived”gender. In other words a man who “perceives” himself to be a woman, mayuse the public accommodations reserved for women.

Mike Knapp, Ike Leggett and the rest of the council when confronted with this law claimed that public accommodations don’t include bathrooms. The citizen groups responded stating that such an interpretation flies in the face virtually all court opinions and other laws. In other words, a business owner could have a “white’s only” bathroom and claim its not a public accommodation if Knapp and Leggett were believed.

In the meantime the gay rights crowd mobilized to intimidate the petition gatherers. Dana Beyer, Senior Advisor to Ducy Tractenberg and formerly known as Wayne Beyer led a team of gays around the county intimidating the citizens. Video of the action can be found on YouTube.

Having failed to stop the petition the gay groups have now brought lawyers and out of town activists to look at the signatures and intimidate those who signed. Their plan is to call each person who signed and convince them to withdraw their signature. Using out of town money and talent and other unfair tactics the gays are doing everything they can to keep the bill out of the hands of the voters.

One 69 year old grandmother said of Mr. Beyer “a man dressed as woman came up to me and said he was here to ‘re-educate me’ about the bill.” The grandmother told Mr. Beyer that she was already educated.

Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Ho Chi Minh would be proud of Mr. Beyer’s “re-education” efforts and the joyous support of his bosses on the Montgomery County Council. As of today, Gender Identity Disorder is still a mental illness. Why is the council collaborating with madness?

Thursday, February 21, 2008


“Perceived” Disabled Man To File Lawsuit Against Montgomery County
Leggett Demands Hillary Step Aside

A 22 year high school football star is threatening a lawsuit against Montgomery County. Executive Ike Leggett will also be named a defendant. The suit will use the new anti-discrimination law protecting “perceived” transgendered individuals. Tank Thompson the former Churchill High School star fullback claims the county refuses to recognize his “perceived” disability. Tank who is a physical trainer and national black belt karate champion recently discovered that he has always been disabled and unable to walk.

Upon discovering his disability Tank purchased a wheelchair and quit working. “I always felt I was disabled, even when I was a young man.” Stated Tank. Tank found kind hearted doctors in San Francisco willing to amputate his legs so he can complete his transformation to disabled status. Tank is going to work for perceived disabled rights and plans to start a group called Parents and Friends of Perceived Disabled (PFPD). “I intend to get PFPD clubs into the schools as well” stated Tank.

County officials refuse to grant Tank disability status and therefore Tank is going to sue. “If a man can perceive he is a woman, surely a man can perceive he is disabled” Tank stated in a recent new conference.

Ike Leggett promised to set up a commission on “perceived” status to determine all the perceived states that would apply under the new anti-discrimination law. A small but vocal group of disabled citizens suggested that it is unfair to allow perfectly healthy individuals like Tank to declare “perceived” status. Leggett described the disabled group as intolerant and judgmental bigots. “We have whites perceiving themselves black, men perceiving themselves women, even children demanding to be parents,” said Leggett. Leggett says his commission will be able to sort this out and make recommendations. Leggett plans to increase taxes to pay for the commission which expects to meet monthly for 2 years. The commission will be comprised of mental health experts and community activists. Leggett said allowing religious groups on the commission would violate the separation of Church and state.

Leggett went further to state that he perceives himself to be Hillary Clinton and demanded that the other Hillary move aside so that he could be elected President.

Who knows what will happen next.

Monday, February 18, 2008


School Sex Pushers Intimidate
Petition Collectors

Large numbers of Montgomery County citizens have been collecting petition signatures throughout the county asking the government to put the new transgender discrimination law on the ballot. The petition collection has been a resounding success as the citizen groups have collected over 20,000 signatures. It appears that the citizen groups will be successful in their efforts despite out right dishonesty by all the council members. The new transgender bill prohibits discrimination against so-called transgender people in public accommodations. All the council members when questioned about this, claim that public restrooms and showers are NOT public accommodations. Huh? That’s news to every lawyer in the country. You don’t have to go to law school to know that public rest rooms are EXACTLY public accommodations. A nonpublic accommodation would be the bathroom at your home. How much dishonesty will thepublic accept from the county council?

Seeing the enormous turnout of the public against this controversial bill and since the dishonesty campaign of the council failed, the gay and transgender community went into action. The gays and transgenders went to the petition collection sites and attacked the citizens involved. These attacks are said to be verbal and physical. Members of the Citizens for Responsible Government (CRG) are looking into a lawsuit to stop these Nazi brownshirt tactics.

These are same tactics Hitler used to gain power in 1930s Germany. Hopefully the MoCo citizens will not accept such intimidation tactics and vote out the ridiculous bill that violates several parts of the constitution.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Alies Muskin, former PTA President failed in her attempt at election to
the Board of Education despite endorsement by the teachers union,
Apple Ballot.

Has the Apple Ballot gone rotten? Alies Muskin, the former PTA President and sweetheart ofthe teachers union got crushed by Phil Kauffman and Tommy Le in the primary race for the AtLarge seat on the Montgomery County Board of Education. MoCo voters almost always dowhat they are told by the teachers union and vote the Apple Ballot, especially regarding schoolboard positions. What is different this election? According to my unofficial survey, voters areturned off by the ultra liberal positions of the current board. Current events, lawsuits, statementsof board members and the arrogance of the board turned voters against the incumbents and thosewho put them there. Here are some of the current board problems, never ending litigation withparents over sex education, unfairness toward disabled children (does the term autism meananything to the board?), discipline, violence in schools (do murders at football games come tomind? Rapes in schools and on buses come to mind?) Outright hatred of parent groups (PatO’Neill telling parents to “get out of town,” the refusal to even meet with parent groups overissues like busing only for rich kids at magnet schools, administration manipulation of test scoresand outright cheating by those in charge at some schools, abrupt cancelling of Learning Centers,discrimination against ex-gays, and refusal to accept federal abstinence funding. Gee, no wondervoters are turned off by the powers in charge.

Let’s not forget the enormous salary and perks given to Jerry Dean Weast. How does the boardreward Weast with fortune 500 CEO compensation when SAT scores are declining? Plus, MoCoschools are no longer the best in the state. (Are you moving to Howard County yet?) Weastruns the school system like a sub-prime mortgage company. At some point truth starts to comeout.

And then there is the beat down of any parent who dares object to board action. The old boardallowed 15 speakers to address the board for 2 minutes on any subject during meetings. Now theboard will only listen to speakers who address “agenda” issues. Nancy Navarro, the perpetratorof this new “policy” said it is “to encourage discussion on the issues before the board.” In otherwords, you can’t talk to us unless it’s about what we want to talk about. Fidel Castro would beproud Nancy. Maybe she could hire Castro to replace Weast. Hey, that would be animprovement.

With the recession upon us, let’s hope the voters will realize that throwing money at the BOEwill not improve our schools. We need responsible leadership looking out for parents. Thecurrent board was put in place by Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and their friends. It would benice to see ordinary parents elected, instead of those who want to perform social experiments onour children. Our kids are not guinea pigs and they don’t belong to the BOE.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sore Winners

The Montgomery County Board of Education finally wins a lawsuit and its leader gloats and reacts pridefully. When asked about the ruling of a local judge favoring the school board in connectionwith the flawed sex ed curriculum, Pat O’Neill, the former President of the Board and currentleader said of the parents involved in the suit “I say [they] get out of town, shut up, quit costing Montgomery County taxpayers money for litigation, and we're right and parents believe we'reright." She said this to a reporter at the DC Examiner hardly a tolerant statement from “Ms. Tolerance” herself. According to Ms. O’Neill she is tolerant and nonjudgmental,yet when asked about parents who disagree with her, she gleefully demands that they“get out of town.” Where is the tolerance in that? In fact the very sex ed program O’Neill and therest of the Board so disparetly desire to force on parents defines tolerance as “accepting those whoare different.” (Not at all the dictionary definition of tolerance but the BOE has never let truth getin its way) Why does O’Neill NOT accept those parents who disagree wtih her? Because she is a hypocrite and dishonest. Plain and simple. Other board members remained silent about the lawsuit but none denounced the intolerant statements of O’Neill.

So the truth is now known.. The MoCo Board of Education wants parents who disagree with them to “get out of town.” Contrast this with the statement of the lawyer who represented the parent groups in the original lawsuit against the BOE where the federal judge found that the BOE clearly violated the religious rights of parents and shut down the sex ed curriculum in a case that took 1 week for the parents to win. As part of the settlement, the BOE was forced to allow the lawyer to address the BOE. Did the lawyer demand the BOE “get out of town?” No, he said the parent groups “loved” the BOE and wanted to “work with them” toward a curriculum “acceptable to all the parties involved.” He requested the BOE to allow the parent groups to have their voices heard in the development of a new curriculum. Yet, O’Neill says it’s the parents who are intolerant. In this case words (and actions) speak loudly and reveal much.

Yes the “intolerant” parents told the BOE they “loved” them when they won their lawsuit and the “tolerant” BOE tells the parents to “get out of town” when they win. How long will the voters fall for the phony tolerance of the BOE and realize they believe in free speech only for themselves andnot for anyone who disagrees with them. How long will the voters tolerate such intolerant and hypocritical leaders at the BOE?