Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Magruder High School Students Demand Casino, Weast Says YES!

Jerry Weast agreed to allow a group of Magruder High School students space in the school to build a sparkling new casino. Several students requested the right to build a casino when they discovered they were American Indians.

The students who are of English, Chinese, Ethiopian, Irish or Mexican decent each came to a sincere conclusion that they are actually American Indians. In their childhood each of them sided with the Indians in cowboy movies and each has a compelling desire to wear war paint and go on raiding parties in local malls. One young man named “Bill” said he always liked wearing feathers and only now realized that he is indeed an American Indian and has never been the Irishman he was born as. “I know it looks strange to see a red headed Indian with freckles” he said, but he is taking hormones to change his skin tone and lose his red beard. I shave off my chest hair he said and intends to dye his red hair black with money from a special fund set up by Weast to help cross heritage students. Each of the students also found that they could not drink alcohol without getting drunk and prefer a peace pipe.

Once the students discovered each other, they formed a new tribe known as the Abercrombies. For some reason, now that a few students have come out, many more are also discovering theirtrue heritage. Some students have learned they are not even human beings. A student who learned he is a bird was injured when he tried to fly out a second floor window.

The Abercrombies have convinced Jerry Weast (who has a sincere belief he is Napoleon) that they should be given space in the high school to build a casino. It’s great to see students discover their true gender, heritage or species said Weast at the announcement of the casino.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trachtenberg, Ervin and Elrich Set Up Unisex Bathrooms at School!

The Montgomery County Council
Seated from left to right, bottom row: George L. Leventhal, Marilyn J. Praisner (President), Phil Andrews.
Top row: Marc Elrich, Valerie Ervin, Roger Berliner, Duchy Trachtenberg, Nancy Floreen, and Mike
Knapp (Vice-President).

Nancy Navarro and Jerry Weast must be tickled pink with the new law proposed by the MoCo County Council. Hidden in Bill 23-07 is a requirement that “…an employer must allow an employee to appear, groom, and dress consistent with the employee’s gender identity.” There is also a recommended amendment to let a person use facilities based on the person’s gender identity—not to be confused with a person’s DNA determined sex at birth.

This bill is not only supported by the far left nuts, Trachtenberg, Ervin and Elrich but the rest of the Council as well. Responding to a critic of the bill, Council member Leventhal stated that it would be rare that a man transitioning into a woman would actually use the ladies room, and therefore he supports the bill over objection of women who don’t want share restrooms and showers with men who have a sincere belief that they are women but still have male genitals.

This is no joke! When asked about this, most in the press and on the street, don’t believe its true. You can check this out for yourself at

This takes the pressure off Weast and Navarro in their quest for transgender kids in school to choose the bathroom they feel they belong in. In fact, under the bill, if a landlord, commercialbusiness and presumably a school deny a man who is transitioning to a woman from going into the ladies room, they will be sued and fined by the County Human Rights Commission.

Folks, I am NOT KIDDING! Men in bras, panties and dresses are coming to the ladies room in MoCo. And Weast. Navarro and the rest of the Board of Education are encouraging our sons to do just that. If you object, you are intolerant and bigoted. Political correctness triumphs again.

How long will the voters allow MoCo to be the laughing stock of the state. No wonder the rest of state bleeds MoCo tax dollars for themselves and then laugh at us behind our backs. I guess we got what we deserved when we put Trachtenberg and her (can I say her?) friends in office.