Thursday, August 02, 2007

Lawsuits continue to pile up against BOE!

Someone pass me a calculator! We can’t keep up with all the lawsuits filed against Nancy “Che”Navarro and her merry band of school board members. Prominent lawyer, Steven Van Grack(former Mayor of Rockville) has filed suit against the BOE in connection with MCPS refusal totell a student’s parents that he was addicted to dangerous narcotics. This is no crackpot lawsuit!The child went to the health teacher and counselor for help, admitting he was addicted to harddrugs. The school did not call his parents in response. What they did do is unknown as MCPShas hired high priced out of town lawyers to dismiss the lawsuit.

Are you surprised? MCPS demands its teachers tell students who have questions about sexeducation to ask a “responsible adult.” Responsible adult being defined as someone over age 18.How about the local drug pusher? He’s over 18? Is that what they told the child who is thesubject of the lawsuit? Isn’t this the same group of board members who don’t want parents ofchildren as young as age 12 to know they getting an abortion? And have MCPS provide thepayment for the abortion as well as the ride to Planned Parenthood. They also think is wrong toturn in the adult who got the youngster pregnant as well. Why? Because it may cause her to notget the abortion. Wait, is Planned Parenthood a major financial supporter of their campaigns?Is this a conflict?

Anyway, stay tuned. As we mentioned previously, the lawsuits are only beginning. Get yourwallet out, the BOE is writing checks you will have to cash.