Thursday, July 26, 2007

Navarro, O”Neill and Cox get Board Sued Again!

Citizens for Responsible Curriculum (CRC), Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX) and Family Leader Network have filed a lawsuit in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County,Case Number 284980 as a result of the sex ed indoctrination curriculum passed by the BOE earlier this year. The parents groups are represented by the Thomas More Law Center a Catholic legal group. Sharon Cox and Pat O’ Neill must be joyous as they got what they wanted, another lawsuit against the BOE. Cox and O’Neill taunted the groups with statements like “bring it on” during BOE meetings. Win or lose this lawsuit will cost taxpayers big bucks which could be used to help special needs children or support other programs.

The lawsuit claims that the BOE has put students at risk with phony science about condoms being “safe” for anal sex, in spite of the fact the condom manufacturers themselves state on the condom box that they are not to be used for anal sex. (When will the parents start suing for children when they contract AIDS, and other stds? Hopefully, each of the board members and Weast will be sued personally by trial lawyers for tort claims) Also, the unproven claim that homosexual conduct is “innate” and that no one can change their orientation, despite all the exgays walking around including several who testified at the BOE. Also, the teaching that its wonderful to come out as a transgender, chop off body parts, take powerful drugs so that boys become girls and girls become boys. This despite the fact that Gender Identity Disorder is a condition found in the DSM-IV. How can the BOE encourage students to behave in a disordered fashion?

There are lots of other reasons in the lawsuit, but I don’t have room to put them all here.

By the way, if the BOE encourages a boy to become a girl, a heterosexual to become homosexual, then why not a homosexual to become heterosexual? Stay tuned.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


How long will Nancy Navarro and the BOE “tolerate” Joan Benz and Michael J. Doran, the principals at Churchill and Wootton? On July 16th the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) sent a lawsuit letter to Navarro outlining unconstitutional conduct by Benz and Doran.

A copy of the letter ADF attorneys sent can be read at

ADF has a long and successful track record of suing public schools for discrimination. MCPS had provided them with another nice case violating free speech rights. How many times will the BOE allow Jerry Dean Weast and his administrators to break the law and get the BOE sued? Lets not forget that we tax payers provide the funding for both sides each time MCPS gets sued.

Furthermore, do we really want our high school students to witness the suppression of free speech by teachers and administrators? How could Benz stand by and encourage homosexual students to trash the flyers as described in the ADF letter? Navarro can’t deny the facts, the details were witnessed by hundreds of students and chronicled in student newspapers. Could it be that the BOE actually supports this conduct? Probably so.

We assume this will all come out when MCPS is sued and Navarro and the others have to testify about what they knew, when they knew it and why they did nothing to stop it.

Oh, by the way, Navarro and the BOE do tolerate Benz and Doran. Remember, to the BOE, to “tolerate” an idea means to “accept, affirm and celebrate” it. If you respectfully disagree with an idea that the BOE supports, you are “intolerant”and “bigoted.” When I was in school, we called that “doublespeak.” Stay tuned and watch your money get wasted.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Board Restricts Speech

Nancy “Che” Navarro and the BOE vote to limit public comment at future Meetings. Like Hugo Chavez, Nancy Navarro and the Board of Education have silenced their opposition. In a letter to Jane De Winter, President of the Montgomery Counsel of Parent Teacher Associations, Ms. Navarro stated that “the Board will reserve 10 of the 15 slots for public comments for speakers who wish to comment on issues that are on the agenda for that days board meetings.” This leaves only 5 slots for others to speak. She goes on to say “that the changes are to ensure that business meetings encourage input from the community on issues that are being specifically addressed by the board at its meetings and also permit the board to have more in-depth discussions.”

However, as is typical of the Board of Education, the new policy conflicts with other policies previously decreed. For example, when the BOE puts a policy out for public comment, regulation BFA-RA states that the comment period will be for a minium of 30 days. But during the 30 plus day period the item will not be on the “agenda.” Thus, the number slots available for public comment on a policy change is limited to 5 per meeting

Apparently the board has grown weary of citizens and taxpayers coming to meetings exposing Jerry Weast and the BOE on numerous issues, including, long stating racial tensions at Churchill High School as well as “spectacularly stupid memos” by the principal, the enormous salary and perks paid to Weast, the alleged racially motivated attack by Steve Abrams on Adol T. Owing-Williams, increasing violence (murders at football games come to mind), sexual abuse and rapes in the school system and on buses, gender discrimination against male students, discrimination against those with deeply held religious beliefs, incessant self congratulating by the board and especially by Weast, manipulation of grades and test scores by administration as well as out right cheating by school authorities, complete failure of the sex ed curricula including losing lawsuits, spending gigantic amounts of money on lawyers to pursue lawsuits against parents, a blatant refusal to accept federal abstinence funds or to teach abstinence to the students, closing of learning centers, minority student grades, discrimination against ex-gays and a failure to provide proper services to our special needs students.

By limiting the number of slots, the BOE and Weast think those opposed will simply go away. This head in the sand approach is also destined to failure. Stay tuned.