Friday, April 27, 2007

Schizophrenia same as cancer according to Weast and BOE

A child who heard voices, wet her pants, wears diapers, runs from class, has been HIV positive since age four months, lived her whole life with foster parents, makes hyper-sexual and violent writings, cuts her leg, puts pins in her ears, has been hospitalized many times and is suicidal, asked Jerry Weast and the BOE for a special program to help her learn. She was given a “flash pass” so she could leave the class whenever she heard voices telling her things and was only graded on the assignments she actually completed. Thus, her grades appeared satisfactory. When her foster parents sued for a special program, Weast and the BOE put their lawyers to work. They lost all the way to the United States Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. In court Weast and the BOE said the following quoting their own witness, “one would not “treat schizophrenia with special education any more than you would treat cancer with special education.’” See BOE Reply Brief at page 29. Yes, that is what they said. These are the same folks who told those who don’t agree with their sex education indoctrination program that “you don’t have to send your child to public school.” Needless to say the court disagreed and gave the young girl her program. You can read the courts opinion at <>

We have no idea how much the lawsuit and appeals cost us because Weast and the BOE hide these costs in the budget. We estimate about $500,000. How long will we give Weast and the BOE a blank check to spend on lawyers? We must bridle Weast; losing in court has no effect.