Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Local bully laments lack of civility

The meanest member of the County Council says he laments the lack of civility in local politics.

"Civility isn’t something that this council seems to treasure," Councilman Michael Subin tells the Almanac in a candidate profile. "I think the Seven Locks issue was a perfect example – there was a total lack of civility all around."

During the Seven Locks controversy, Subin browbeat a constituent who raised concerns about official wrongdoing, used foul language in front of children at a public hearing, threatened to abuse his power to retaliate against the Seven Locks community for demanding a probe of official corruption, and even threatened to punch out a Seven Locks dad - right in the presence of the man's second-grade son.

Seven Locks Elementary School kids know the skin-headed Subin as a movie character named "Dr. Evil." Subin is running as a Democrat for re-election to the County Council. He has chaired the council's education committee for 20 years.