Wednesday, August 30, 2006

School board overrides Weast censorship

The board of education unanimously voted to lift Superintendent Jerry Weast's censorship of flyers to be sent home in students' backpacks.

A federal appeals court ruled that Weast's policy of selectively choosing who could and who could not send flyers home was an illegal abuse of power. In response, Weast (pictured) banned all flyers except those issued by government entities.

He even banned his nemesis, the PTA.

WUSA-TV Channel 9 reports, "Superintendent Jerry Weast had halted the practice after a court ruling which said it was unconstitutional for local leaders to pick and choose what gets sent home with students.

"The PTA was really upset about it - saying it cut off their lifeline to parents.

"After Wednesday’s unanimous vote, the backpack stuffing can resume."