Friday, March 31, 2006

Subin threatened parent who asked for honest answers

County Councilman Michael Subin threatened to fight a Seven Locks parent who raised questions about official misconduct concerning the Kendale project.

The Potomac Almanac carries the story from the March 21 hearing:

"'We ask honest questions expecting honest answers and we get misinformation, disinformation and lies,' said Seven Locks parent Michael Waller.

"Council Education Committee Chairman Michael Subin (D-At Large) stared directly at Waller during councilmember comments on the testimony.

"'Demeaning other folks and putting negative labels on them is simply getting people to dig their heels in. It’s not helping. If we care about the kids, let’s address the policy issues,' he said.

"Subin then turned off his microphone and asked Waller if he wanted to 'take this outside.'"