Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Subin loses control at county council meeting

Montgomery County Council Education Committee Chairman Michael Subin lost control at a May 3 hearing when a community leader complained of "alleged deals between developers" and the County Council.

When Cyril Draffin, President of the Deerfield-Weathered Oaks Citizens Association, complained of lack of transparency and "the potential inappropriate or unethical behavior of public officials," Subin ripped into him.

He accused Draffin of accusing the council of "illegal dealings" - Draffin alleged no illegalities - and demanded names. Subin's diatribe was so extreme that Council Vice President George Leventhal intervened. The following dialogue appeared in the May 11-17 Potomac Almanac:

Subin: You've made an allegation, and it is a serious one, and you made it publicly.

Draffin: In response to your comments. . . .

Subin: No. Who? I want to know who. I want names.

Leventhal: Let him answer.

Subin: No, I want names.

Draffin: Did you want an answer?

Subin: I want names.

Draffin: Can I speak?

Subin: I want names. Who were the names? Who's involved in the dealings?

Draffin: Well, if I can speak.

Subin: If you're going to give me names you may speak.