Friday, February 17, 2006

Subin blows top again, uses potty language in front of kids

Michael Subin, the county council member in charge of the education committee, lost his self-control again at a budget meeting last week.

Subin is under fire for what critics say is his joined-at-the-hip arrangement with Superintendent Jerry Weast, contributing to the lack of transparency that has caused the Seven Locks School scandal.

According to the Washington Post, Subin bashed County Executive Doug Duncan, earning intervention from Council President and Duncan loyalist George Leventhal.

Several council members complain that Subin rubber-stamps MCPS budgets with little scrutiny for fiscal responsibility.

During the hearing, Subin said he was likely to support the school board's latest proposed school construction budget.

Leventhal interjected: "That is what you always do, Mr. Subin."

Subin shot back with an apparent threat to ruin county-funded projects in the councilman's neighborhood: "Well, Mr. Leventhal, if you would like us to delay projects in Takoma Park where you live, Mr. Leventhal, we would be happy to do that."

Leventhal then recognized Councilman Howard Denis, according to the Post, but "before Denis spoke, several council members say, Subin leaned over and uttered an expletive to Leventhal that the council's video and audio recording system didn't pick up."

For the councilmen, it was more of the same lack of self-control from their colleague: "It's another episode by Mr. Subin, and we have seen many of these," said Leventhal. "I think it was not the best judgment, given there were a lot of young people in the room."

Asked about his outburst, Subin pled ignorance: "Two elected officials had a dispute. What exactly was said? I don't know."

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