Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Subin threatens to halt SLES progress if citizens press fraud issue

County Council Education Committee Chairman Michael Subin publicly threatened to derail resolving the Seven Locks school issue if citizens persist in raising questions about alleged MCPS fraud, waste and abuse.

Every time citizens raise questions, he said, people on his side of the issue "dig their heels" deeper.

He made the statement at a March 21 hearing on the Denis Amendment to stop the Kendale project and build the Seven Locks replacement school on the present school site. Subin was responding directly to critics who have raised concerns about fraudulent, wasteful and abusive practices by MCPS and other county officials.

The council's education chief has called the recent Inspector General report "hogwash," and said that meeting to discuss it was a "waste of time."

Subin insisted in the March 21 hearing that he's putting the intrests of the children first.

In off-the-microphone comments from the dais, he said something to a Seven Locks parent that the parent construed as a personal threat.

More to come. Stay tuned.