Thursday, May 04, 2006

Council urged to probe alleged MCPS bribery attempt

The County Council has been asked to investigate allegations that a Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) attempted to bribe members of the Potomac Elementary School PTA.

According to a citizen complaint, the MCPS official, whom this blog will not name for now, allegedly "offered MCPS CIP [Capital Improvements Program] money to the Potomac PTA for school renovation if they chose to vote a certain way on a PTA issue regarding the Seven Locks/Potomac/Kendale school issue."

The alleged incident took place in March and became public when citizen Dianna Conway testified before the County Council on May 2.

Citizens are asking the Council to find out "who requested him [the MCPS official] to attend" and to follow up on it.

A Seven Locks PTA member has told County Council members in writing that, "if this is true," the behavior not only lacks transparency but "may even border on criminal/bribery related behavior. At the very least, it suggests further inappropriate behavior by MCPS in this Kendale issue."