Thursday, September 27, 2007

More Doublespeak From MCPS

Jerry Weast’s lawyers have filed an opposition to the Request for Stay filed of the Plaintiffs in the Sex Ed Curriculum case. The out of town lawyers say that the court should enforce the “status quo” and therefore allow the curriculum to go forward. They say that:

“A stay is intended to maintain the status quo as it existed prior to the agency decision under review in this Court. The County Board approved implementation of the Revised Lessons before the State Board ruled, and the State Board upheld the County Board. Therefore, a stay to maintain the status quo is unnecessary.”

We checked with a lawyer who looked up the term status quo in Black’s Law Dictionary. This is what status quo means:

. . . is the last actual, peaceable, uncontested status which preceded the pending controversy. Black’s Law Dictionary page 1264

Once again MCPS redefines a term to accomplish its goals. George Orwell would be proud. By the way, do they still teach from Animal Farm? I doubt it. Students may be informed about the doublespeak Jerry Weast and his Board of Education spew out every day. For example, the word “homophobia” in the dictionary means an “irrational fear of homosexuals.” The new doublespeak definition given to students in the curriculum is “any negative thought about homosexuality” is homophobia. How do parents let them get away with this?

It’s kind of like a bank robber telling the cops that since he HAS the money, it would breach the status quo to make him return the money. Let’s hope the Circuit Court Judge does not fall for this deception. Stay tuned.