Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wooing Weast away

As usual, the law doesn't apply to the preening Superintendent Jerry Weast. Consider his multimillion-dollar contract to run Montgomery County schools.

His four-year contract is due to expire in March 2007. Some on the school board want to renew it now, before the Weasties lose control when a new board is elected later this year. Two Weasties are quitting and others are running for other office.

Although "Maryland law prohibits school boards from officially entering into contracts until Feb. 1 of the year in which a contract expires," the Washington Post reports, "there is precedent for early board action when it comes to Weast."

"In July 2001, the school board announced its intention to renew Weast's contract even though it did not expire until 2003 (there was a school board election in 2002). Board members said the action was necessary to prevent other school systems from wooing Weast away."

Let them woo. Montgomery County is wealthy enough to hire any superintendent it wants. It's time for Weast to go.