Saturday, June 17, 2006

Is MCPS profiling kids based on religion?

Is the Montgomery County Public School system illegally profiling children and families based on their religion?

Apparently so.

According to the Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs, MCPS officials appear to keep track of the test scores of Muslim children.

"Dr. Frieda Lacey, MCPS deputy superintendent, told nearly 100 community members that public schools are on a learning curve," according to the report. "Muslim children have contributed heavily to the success of the county’s high scholastic performance, she said, adding that 'Many of the Muslim community children are some of the highest achievers in Montgomery County. Your children are in AP courses and have high SAT scores.'"

We didn't know that MCPS has been compiling religious profiles of school kids.

Religious profiling is illegal.

The report continues: "School board president Dr. Charles Haughey assured Muslim parents: 'We are committed to servicing your children.'"

Let's see how those Muslim parents like the cucumber sex-ed curriculum MCPS has in store for their kids. It's a Haughey favorite, also pushed by his likely replacement, Sharon W. Cox.