Thursday, June 22, 2006

Duncan's out - now it's time for Weast and Silverman to go

The first of the three main conspirators behind the Seven Locks/Kendale scam has gone down in flames.

Scandal-tainted for the first time in his political career, County Executive Doug Duncan suddenly quit his campaign to become governor of Maryland.

For weeks he has been dogged by a sleazy-looking public-school-land-for-campaign-dollars scheme with corrupt lobbyist Jack Abramoff, and under continued assault for his 2003 request to MCPS Superintendent Jerry Weast to hand over public school land for commercial development. He read a resignation statement, citing health problems, but would not answer reporters' questions.

Public calls are increasing for Weast (left, in photo) to be fired in connection with the Seven Locks/Kendale matter, and Weast is said to be scrambling to get the lame-duck Board of Education to renew his $350,000 annual contract a year before it expires.

The third leg of the shady triad, County Council member Steve Silverman (right), might be affected by the Duncan-Abramoff collapse. Silverman intends to succeed Duncan as Montgomery County Executive.

(Note: This blogger has obscured the faces of the other individuals in the photo so as not to implicate them in the controversy.)