Thursday, June 22, 2006

Silverman dares to show his face again

After hiding from the Seven Locks community since the release of the Inspector General report that documented official wrongdoing on the Seven Locks/Kendale issue, County Councilman Steve Silverman shows his face in the community again.

Silverman was one of the Kendale cabal that wanted to turn Seven Locks Elementary School into a private development project, and he denounced his critics as racists and bigots.

Now he's pretending the incident never occurred. He actually showed up at the June 14 "town hall" meeting at Herbert Hoover Middle School, not far from Seven Locks.

Commenting on the meeting, Silverman says in the Almanac, "It was pretty calm by most of our town meeting standards. I think frankly people were happy there was a resolution [to the Seven Locks situation]."

As if he had nothing to do with creating the mess and lying about it in the first place.