Thursday, June 22, 2006

Local pols still haven't earned community trust

"If the Seven Locks issue were still up in the air, we would have filled the room," at the June 14 "town meeting," says Save Seven Locks Coalition leader Sandy Vogelgesang.

But not everybody trusts the politicians to honor their pledges.

"We’re glad they at least decided to keep Seven Locks, but because we've been so burned by this whole experience, the community . . . won't believe this story has a happy ending until we see a new modernized school at Seven Locks," Vogelgesang tells the Almanac.

"So we have a motto of continuing vigilance
, and we'll be working hard this summer to let people know where the politicians stand."

Hint: County Executive candidate Steve Silverman was part of the Kendale scandal, called the Seven Locks community a bunch of racists and bigots, and opposed the Inspector General's authority to probe MCPS wrongdoing.

Silverman's rival, Ike Leggett, was never part of the scandal, never race-baits, and supports giving the Inspector General greater powers.