Saturday, June 17, 2006

MCPS officially shows bias against one religion and favoritism toward another

Given the strict MCPS ruling to ban Christian groups from distributing literature in public schools, it strikes one as strange to see MCPS showing favoritism toward other religions.

Most people might have missed it, but Montgomery County officially marked April as Arab-American Heritage Month. That's fine, because the commemoration is secular.

However, we have learned that MCPS and County Executive Doug Duncan pandered specifically to students of a certain religion (while showing distinct bias against Christians).

The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs tells us that Duncan's office "sent more than 2,000 invitations urging county libraries, schools, and other educational organizations to celebrate . . . Muslim-American contributions to Montgomery County. Activities included . . . childrens' books for displays at major libraries."

Nothing wrong with that - except for the institutional MCPS bias against Christians.

In February, according to the report, MCPS "officials met with the Maryland Muslim community at the Islamic Center in Gaithersburg, MD, to discuss building community partnerships."

That's fine, too; the more, the merrier. But what about building community partnerships with Christians, instead of censoring them and trampling their moral beliefs?