Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Inspector General plans new probe of school board

There's wrongdoing galore on the current Board of Education, and Inspector General Thomas J. Dagley plans another investigation.

Looks like rough sailing ahead for scandal-ridden Superintendent Jerry "Double Secret Probation" Weast (pictured), who is under fire for trying and failing to ram the Kendale school fiasco past the public and the County Council.

The Gazette reports that the IG, "whose report on the Seven Locks Elementary School construction project set off the Churchill cluster controversy, plans to conduct an audit of the board’s open meetings practices."

It appears that Weast and the school board rigged certain meetings in order to prevent the Seven Locks Elementary School PTA from disrupting secret plans to turn the school over to developers and build the triple-sized Kendale school that the PTA didn't want.

With the uncertainty over the makeup of next year's school board, the previous IG report on wrongdoing, and the repudiation of Weast's Kendale gambit, people inside MCPS are becoming bolder against the superintendent. Weast's contract is up for negotiation next year, and there are moves afoot to have it terminated.