Wednesday, May 31, 2006

2 school board members won't seek re-election

Two Montgomery County Board of Education members have quit since watching their hard-fought Kendale agenda go down in flames.

The two are the softest members of the ROACH slate, so called by the first letters of each member's surname.

Board member Gabe Romero (left) and board President Charles Haughey (right) were the least noxious of the ROACH slate in their support of the discredited Kendale project and the secret plan to tear down Seven Locks Elementary School and sell the land to developers.

Romero, of Montgomery Village, was the first to announce he would not seek re-election, the Gazette reported on May 23. Haughey's announcement appeared in the May 31 Gazette.

Haughey's announcement came as a surprise, as he had announced he would seek re-election.

The ROACH slate is now down to Patricia O'Neill, Steve Abrams and Sharon Cox. O'Neill is running for re-election this year. Abrams and Cox are in office until 2008, though Abrams is running for comptroller of Maryland.

Rumors are that Haughey plans to continue his health education campaign by going into the cucumber business.