Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Weast negotiating new contract, Haughey says

Outgoing School Board President Charles Haughey says the board soon will be "negotiating new contracts with . . . Superintendent Jerry D. Weast and his top administrative staff," the Gazette reports.

The board is also negotiating new contracts with the three employees unions in the school system, according to Haughey.

With a base annual salary of nearly a quarter of a million dollars plus an additional tax dodge retirement package of more than $100,000, Weast is one of the most highly paid public officials in the United States.

Weast's annual salary is $237,794, with another $111,052 as a tax sheltered retirement payment.

That's considerably more than the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, the Vice President of the United States, and the Speaker of the House, who are paid $212,000 a year.

MCPS COO Larry Bowers is paid $166,821 plus benefits - more than a United States Senator. Richard Hawes, who ran the Kendale construction project and provided phony facts to the PTA and the County Council (remember the sidewalks he said didn't exist?) is paid $124,539.