Friday, June 02, 2006

Post columnist Marc Fisher rips Duncan for Abramoff school sleaze

It's the most sarcastic treatment of County Executive Doug Duncan ever to appear in the Washington Post: columnist Marc Fisher's gleeful skewering of the father of Kendale for his connection to the Abramoff school sleaze.

The Post reported last week that Duncan arranged for Abramoff's private school to take control of public school property after Abramoff and associates had arranged for sweatshop-related figures in Saipan to max out in contributions to Duncan's campaign.

Fisher called one of the Saipan donors on the phone: "How did you first fall for Duncan's infectious charisma? Was it the vision of the new town of Clarksburg, the exciting bustle of Rockville Pike?"

"I was at a party where everybody was donating, writing checks," the guy recounted, saying he had never heard of Duncan. "And I said, Okay, I can write one, too. I don't know why I did donate. I don't know if I was even on the island. I think my wife probably signed it."

In his June 1 online chat, Fisher implies that the Post might be investing some heavy investigation resources into the Abramoff issue, telling a reader that three Post reporters who broke the Abramoff scandal on a national level are still at it.