Friday, June 02, 2006

Another misrepresentation from Abrams

Here's another misrepresentation in Steve Abrams' June 1 Washington Post essay:

"The Seven Locks coalition lobbied the school board primarily for assurance that the school site would not be sold as surplus. But when that was achieved, the group changed its tune."

The fact is, the assurance was not achieved. As we noted last November, Superintendent Jerry Weast said merely that he would not "recommend" surplusing the school site. He didn't say he would keep school land for school kids.

Indeed, Weast defaulted to an official position that MCPS officials lied about from the very beginning. When PTA members voiced concern about surplusing in 2004, MCPS officials said there were no "plans" to do so - pretending to say that PTA members' fears were warrantless, while saying in reality that the plans were not official yet.

What assurance can people have when the school board and MCPS officials aren't straight with them? None.