Thursday, June 01, 2006

Time to terminate Weast's contract

More and more Montgomery County residents are hopeful that the renegotiation of Superintendent Jerry Weast's contract will provide an opportunity to fire Weast as head of the public school system.

The Seven Locks/Kendale scandal has exposed what parents in Weast's former North Carolina and South Dakota school districts already knew: the superintendent is a preening, egomaniacal bully who can't be trusted.

Weast doesn't even bother to hide his sneering contempt for the Parent Teacher Associations (PTA). And he hasn't shown the decency to address the PTA of the Seven Locks Elementary School that he had sworn to shut down.

In fact, he skipped the special school board hearing on Seven Locks to attend an awards dinner where he would receive praise.

Plenty of teachers will be glad to see this superintendent get the boot, as well. Weast has created climate of fear that intimidates teachers and school administrators from criticizing his policies.

Montgomery County is one of the wealthiest and most educated counties in the United States. Our public school system was great before Weast arrived. We didn't need to overpay a manicured Napoleon from Greensboro and Sioux Falls to do a good job here. We just need a morally honest administrator who's a straight shooter and who inspires the public trust.

Jerry Weast doesn't fit that job description.

The time has come to renew public confidence by terminating Weast's contract and starting fresh.