Friday, April 21, 2006

Is this honest school stewardship?

Do the following incidents suggest an honest school board and school system that truly puts the interests of the kids first?

* Retired teacher decries 'culture of intimidation' by 'bully superintendents.' (Potomac Almanac)

* 'Extraordinarily combative' MCPS officials. (Washington Post)

* 'Ferocious and bizarre' MCPS and BoE actions. (Washington Post)

* Threat against Seven Locks witness. (Potomac Almanac)

* 'Scorched earth' retribution policy. (Potomac Almanac)

* Bells Mill teachers 'harassed, muzzled and threatened'. (Washington Post)

* MCPS official accuses parents of caring for their property more than their children (Washington Post)

* Board of Education starts 'whispering campaign' against dissenters (Washington Post)

* 'Chilling effect' on parents. (Washington Post)

* Subin threatens to halt SLES progress if citizens press fraud issue. (

Sounds like somebody's trying to cover up some wrongdoing.