Thursday, April 20, 2006

Abrams is butt of jokes at Seven Locks post office

School Board member Steve Abrams was observed at the West Bethesda Post Office stuffing what appeared to be multiple packages of documents into the mail system the week before the board finalized its decision to move ahead with the Kendale project.

This blogger was in the long line at the automated postal machine along with other Seven Locks-area residents on April 8, waiting as Abrams fumbled with at least a half-dozen large document packages.

He seemed oblivious to the huge line he was creating.

People commented about the guy who was hogging the machine. A man identified the culprit as an elected public official.

One wag joked that Abrams was leaking secret MCPS documents to Inspector General Thomas Dagley.

"Hey, Steve," this blogger called to Abrams. "Sending more documents to the IG?"

"What?" said Abrams, making a sheepish grin. This blogger repeated the question. Abrams said nothing and made a quick exit, waddling as fast as he could to his black Cadillac.

Abrams, a lawyer, wrote a five-page opinion for the Board of Education claiming that Montgomery County Public Schools is off-limits to county checks and balances, and that the Inspector General has no authority to investigate alleged MCPS wrongdoing.

Ironically, the former location of the West Bethesda post office was across the street from Seven Locks Elementary School.