Thursday, April 20, 2006

Criminal conspiracy? Weast pushes Kendale project despite near-total opposition

Giving the finger to the PTAs of the two schools directly affected, Superintendent Jerry Weast is proposing construction of the Kendale Road school in a still-secret memo.

Even though Weast had claimed all along that the Kendale school, as currently designed, was needed to relieve overcrowding at Potomac Elementary, the superintendent is believed to be pushing for a smaller school on the site.

It is believed that he wants to reduce the size of the Kendale project to save the $3 million that the County Council refuses to spend on construction - thus circumventing the council and its purse-strings authority.

Such a reduction would expose the lie that the Kendale project was really intended to relieve overcrowding, instead of the unstated agenda to tear down Seven Locks Elementary School and turn the property into high-density housing.

Some Seven Locks parents who uncovered the wrongdoing that led to the Inspector General investigation are now poised to call for a criminal investigation of Weast, certain members of the Board of Education, and certain MCPS officials.