Saturday, January 06, 2007

Parents of Churchill thugs say their kids are nice boys

The police say that most of the local thugs arrested at Churchill High School belong to a street gang named "54 MOB," but the parents of the suspects say the mob is "merely a club of young men," according to the Washington Post.

A Montgomery County police statement says that one group of Churchill assailants is from “Criminal Street Gang 54 MOB."

"In general, the type of non-legal activities the 54 gang has been involved in has included tagging graffiti and truancy, as well as robbery and drug possession," according to the police.

But parents of the gang members and neighbors in their segregated Scotland community on Seven Locks Road disagree. The Washington Post reports, "54 MOB, they say, is merely a group of young men from Scotland who dress in red and black, the colors of their Michael Jordan sneakers, and play on the last two digits of their Potomac ZIP code."