Thursday, January 04, 2007

'Small group of students' changed Churchill climate

"A small group of students have changed our educational climate," Churchill High School Principal Joan Benz continues in her January 4 letter.

"The many behavioral interventions I’ve put into place for these students have not assisted them to make good choices. There is a devastating contrast when students are assaulting each other and a Churchill Security Team member next to a marquee stating our Maryland Blue Ribbon status.

"I have failed to mention to this point another devastating fact. Every incident revolving around this two month ordeal has been Black-on-Black violence. At the very time yesterday’s assaults were taking place, I learned that the SAT mean scores for our African-American students had risen an amazing two-hundred three points with an increase by thirty-three percent in their participation rate. Do you see how a very few students can paint a very negative and inaccurate picture?