Thursday, January 04, 2007

Churchill principal clamps down on gangs

In an action sure to raise the ire of the ACLU, Churchill High School Principal Joan Benz (pictured) is cracking down on gang activity.

She's going further than recommending after-the-fact expulsions of violent thugs in her school, and hope to choke off future gang operations.

She tells students and parents in her January 4 letter, "I have resisted making the following decision, but now it is essential to guarantee the safety and security of all Churchill students and staff members. Because gang members use 'visual cues' to identify themselves for affiliation and intimidation purposes, effective o­n Monday, January 8, 2007, Churchill students will not be allowed to wear hats except those directly related to a specific culture or religion. No bandanas, do-rags, skull caps or hoods are to be worn over the head. No bandanas, flags, banners, pieces of fabric, are allowed to be attached to the student or to his/her belongings. Notebooks or books, containing or upon which graffiti appears, will be confiscated."

Good for you, Dr. Benz! Why this hasn't been a long-standing MCPS policy is something for the superintendent to answer.