Saturday, January 06, 2007

County government issues gender-phobic report on Churchill assault

The Montgomery County government has released an official statement on the January 3 Churchill assault - a report that neighborhood residents say is sexist and insensitive to the feelings of men and boys.

In the statement, the County government identified the assault suspects by their gender at least eight times. Critics say that mentioning the suspects' gender was unnecessary and hurtful.

"This is a shockingly sexist, insensitive, gender-phobic statement from a county that says it's committed to diversity," says Seven Locks Road resident Doug Frederick. "I just can't believe that in 2007 our local leaders would stoop to sexist attacks on troubled high school kids."

As proof of the county's gender-phobia, Frederick cites the following passages from the county statement, in which hateful officials specified the suspects' gender at least 8 times:
  • "the fight began between six male students. . ."
  • "What began as a verbal argument, escalated when one of the boys suggested they take it outside."
  • "A 16-year-old male student who was charged in the assault. . ."
  • "A 16-year-old male student from Potomac. . ."
  • ". . . a 14-year-old male student from Potomac. . ."
  • ". . . and a 15-year-old male student from Silver Spring were charged as juveniles with one count each of second-degree assault and disturbing school activities."
  • "A 16-year-old male student from Potomac was charged with one count of disturbing school activities. . ."
  • ". . . a 16-year-old male from Potomac was charged with two counts of second-degree assault."

"This gender-phobia must not stand," Frederick insisted. "It is demeaning and damaging to males' self-esteem."