Thursday, January 04, 2007

Gang violence at Churchill High School

It was bound to happen in a school system that allows armed robbers to play varsity football.

Recognized by the Wall Street Journal as one of the finest public schools in the nation, Winston Churchill High School in Potomac is now the home to gang violence.

Two years after MCPS officials verbally abused Seven Locks Elementary School parents who warned that Superintendent Weast's social policies would bring gang violence into the area, the first major incident has taken place.

Churchill Principal Joan Benz wrote a letter today to the school's students and parents explaining the January 3 incident.

Dr. Benz described "a multi-faceted fight" in which "three students were charged with second degree assault on other students" and "a fourth student was charged with second degree assault on one of our Security Staff members."

"No weapons were involved in this incident," Dr. Benz stated. "The students have been suspended for ten days with a recommendation for expulsion."