Thursday, September 07, 2006

Whites for Weast

In an editorial fawning over our magical superintendent, the Washington Post takes cheap shots at the Board of Education’s only Hispanic member, accusing her of condoning "illegal" activity and saying she’s not in the best interests of the children.

Worse than Nancy Navarro's "unnecessary style of confrontational politics" and her support an "illegal plan to import prescription drugs from Canada," according to the Post, is her insufficient support for Superintendent Jerry Weast.

After listing Navarro’s traits that disturb Post editors, the paper concludes, "Mostly, though, we are disturbed by what we see as her tepid support of Mr. Weast, whose contract comes up for renewal next year."

Without endorsing any candidate, the Post suggested that either of Navarro’s white opponents in the District 5 primary would be a better choice.