Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Silverman: From "Smugmug" to less pompous pose

His own campaign staff calls him "Smugmug," so it was no surprise that County Councilman Steve Silverman had his image photoshopped to a less egotistical pose on his Website.

Not long ago, Silverman's county executive campaign Website featured the candidate standing in the middle of the street, arms stretched wide as if to say, "Hey, it's me, everybody!" Campaign staff labeled the image "Smugmug."

More recently, Silverman's site was redesigned, with a smaller image of the candidate in the same pose, but with his arms apparently photoshopped to his sides.

Silverman was a prime mover behind the discredited stealth effort to tear down Seven Locks Elementary School, turn it into a big development project, and corral the kids into a new mega-school that the PTA overwhelmingly opposed. He is also tied to convicted felon Jack Abramoff's deal to turn public school property into a private school at taxpayer expense.

On July 6, parodied the Silverman site, featuring the Smugmug picture with the caption, "Don't audit my special projects. Trust me."