Friday, September 15, 2006

Voters dump Silverman and Subin, reject Abrams

Montgomery County primary election tally: Opponents of public accountability of education lose, while proponents win.

Democrat party candidates who opposed the Inspector General investigation of the Seven Locks/Kendale scandal are the big losers. County Councilman Steve Silverman, candidate for County Executive, and Councilman Mike Subin, running for re-election, both aggressively opposed the IG probe and sought to limit public accountability. Voters dumped them.

Democratic voters overwhelmingly repudiated Silverman. For all the money he spent, they gave him a measly 36 percent of the vote, versus 61 percent for Isiah Leggett.

Republican school board member Steve Abrams, another big opponent of the IG, was rejected as the party candidate to become comptroller ofthe State of Maryland, WUSA-TV reports. He's likely to stay on as school board member, though, as his term doesn't expire this year. will certainly be there to continue skewering him.

Did the Save Seven Locks Coalition play a role in these electoral victories? The Seven Locks Elementary School voting station was one of the most heavily attended in the county, where turnout overall was considered light.