Thursday, July 20, 2006

School board chided for Weastfest

A public school advocate who documented the school system's improper and possibly illegal actions to tear down a neighborhood school for a development project has chided the school board for its effusiveness toward controversial Superintendent Jerry Weast.

Cyril Draffin tells the Gazette and state officials that Weast's self praise via the scripted school board resolution is inappropriate.

"Many people strongly believe [Weast] has not done his job expertly, or even fairly, and there have been many flaws in his actions," says Draffin in a written communication. "The current board should not presume to make decisions that should be appropriately left to the new school board to make in 2007 when the superintendent’s contract is up for renewal."

Draffin was one of the leaders of the successful effort to force Weast to back down from the Seven Locks/Kendale school scandal.