Friday, July 14, 2006

Proof that education didn't drive Weast, Silverman or the School Board

The latest state test results for Seven Locks Elementary School are astonishing!

They prove again why parents fought so hard against Superintendent Weast and his school board toadies who wanted to tear down the place and merge it into a mega-campus.

Weast, County Council bullyboy Michael Subin, County Executive candidate Steve Silverman and others certainly didn't have the kids' education in mind when they pushed so hard to destroy Seven Locks School.

The test results empirically discredit their agenda for corraling kids into bigger and denser public elementary schools.

Seven Locks ranks highest in all of Montgomery County - and certainly among the very best in the entire state of Maryland - according to the Maryland School Assessments (MSA) test results for 2005 and 2006. Perhaps not coincidentally, Seven Locks is one of the smallest public elementary schools in the county.

Here are the scores:

Grade 3 math - 2005: 100. 2006: 100.
Grade 3 reading - 2005: 95.9. 2006: 100.

Grade 4 math - 2005: 100. 2006: 100.
Grade 4 reading - 2005: 100. 2006: 100.

Grade 5 math - 2005: 97.8. 2006: 100.
Grade 5 reading - 2005: 95.6. 2006: 97.6.

The school board and school system really can't claim any of the credit. While the students, teachers, staff and parents of Seven Locks worked hard to build up such amazing achievements, Weast, Silverman and company were trying to tear the place down. All the more reason not to renew Weast's bloated contract and to keep Silverman from running the county.