Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Abrams: 'I'm one of those corny civic types'

Steve Abrams explains why he sued to prevent Tom Perez from running for state attorney general. "I’m one of these corny civic types,” Abrams says in the Gazette. "I sort of believe that we should follow the law.”

Sort of. Like when it suits his purposes.

"The lawsuit is Abrams’ latest attempt to stir the state’s political pot," says the Gazette. Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich, like Abrams a Republican, isn't supporting Abrams, who is running against the colorfully naughty incumbent, William Donald 'Badonkadonk' Schaefer.

Abrams says he's running just in case Schaefer loses the primary in September and a bad guy takes his place.

Even though he probably has a point about fighting partisan cronyism in state politics, he's the wrong guy for the job.

"Steve Abrams holds so many grudges," County Council President George Leventhal, a Democrat, tells the Washington Times. "I don't think he's got room for them in his mansion in Potomac."