Friday, February 17, 2006

Silverman opponent Leggett promises to strengthen IG

County executive candidate Isiah Leggett, who is running against race-baiting councilman Steve Silverman in the Democratic primary to replace Doug Duncan, was up in Clarksburg last week talking about crooked deals that he would fight if elected.

According to the Washington Post, Leggett told Clarksburg-area residents that, if elected, "he will strengthen the inspector
general's office, the agency that investigates government waste and fraud." He also "promised to give more power to the Office of the People's Counsel, which helps residents participate in land-use hearings."

"Leggett was instrumental in creating both agencies during his four terms on the County Council," the Post reports. "He said he had intended for the two bodies to have more authority than they have now."

Leggett's opponent Silverman has been so quiet since the IG released his report on Seven Locks that people are joking that he's in hiding.