Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Subin: Why can't we all just get along?

County Council Education Committee Chairman Michael Subin, not known for his gentle way of child advocacy, insists his campaign to shut down Seven Locks is for the kids.

After browbeating a Seven Locks PTA member for raising concerns about official misconduct, demanding proof then attacking the Inspector General when proof was presented, losing interest in the official investigation he had once demanded, using foul language in front of children, threatening to retaliate against the Seven Locks community for raising allegations about the Kendale scandal, and bullying just about anybody who gets in his way - even threatening to punch out a Seven Locks dad in the presence of the man's 7 year-old son - Subin now sounds like a reformed Rodney King.

"The fights have got to stop," Subin says in the May 10 Gazette. "This is about the kids. It's not about the adults. It's about the kids. It's a simple as that."