Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Last year, Subin demanded an investigation. Why is he against one now?

County Council Education Committee Chairman Michael Subin has changed his tune since last spring, when he assailed a constituent for voicing concerns about improper official behavior on the Kendale issue.

Subin demanded names and he wanted them on the spot, adding that the State's Attorney would probably want to know.

"The bad news is the issue of alleged deals. Not the right thing to say," Subin said at a May 3, 2005 County Council meeting. "Not the right thing to bring up. And some really poor implications."

According to the Almanac, Subin told the concerned community leader, Cyril Draffin, "And if you have any evidence of deals that were cut, we all want to know. And I’m sure the State’s Attorney would want to know. And so if you’re holding evidence of ill and illegal dealings by anybody, I want to know. I want to know right now. And if you don’t have that evidence, you owe somebody or somebodies up here an apology."

When the county Inspector General actually did look at evidence, considered it valid, and presented it to the County Council, Subin attacked the IG and called his report "hogwash." Let's see how this story plays out.