Wednesday, May 24, 2006

NC teacher recalls Weast legacy of 'ill feeling, fear, suspicion'

Guilford County, North Carolina teachers have been discussing their former superintendent, Jerry "Double Secret Probation" Weast (pictured), on the chatboard. And they remember him as a bully who filled teachers with fear. One says he lost sleep at night because of Weast.

A science teacher writes, "Yes, I remember Jerry Weast. A lot of people, former teachers, students, former adminisrators....we ALL REMEMBER HIM....and some of his henchmen.

"So he is up to the same mess in Maryland, huh? I am sorry for that, but it does not surprise me...

"And don't call on your local NEA affiliate to help you out. In Guilford county, they allegedly caught one of the NCAE uniserve reps 'sharing information' with his regime. NCAE denied it (of course) but it was odd how that person was rapidly transferred someplace else.

". . . Their policy of 'children first' is laughable. There has been little else but ill feeling, fear, suspicion and contention since the merger . . . oh and it was NOT a merger at all, but a hostile takeover by the Greensboro City Schools. A certain assistant superintendent in the former Greensboro City Schools was instrumental in orchestrating the Weast reign of terror. He's still around too.

"I have moved on with my life and career and have done quite well in a neighboring county. . . . 12 years now. No, it isn't perfect and there is much left to desire, but at the VERY LEAST, I don't spend my time looking over my shoulder, losing sleep at night. . . ."