Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Weast allegedly tormented NC teachers, who feared speaking out

Another North Carolina teacher posted this note about the superintendent in 2001. We re-post it here for the record in Montgomery County, Maryland:

"It seems that Jerry Weast is the CIA of public education. The
school district in Guilford County allegedly hired a sleazy lawfirm
to unleash sort of a McCarthy witch-hunt. Teachers were allegedly
called into rooms full of school officials and lawyers and accused
of sinister deeds - like child abuse. Their tormentors used
hardball tactics and many teachers were driven out of the district.

"The common denominator? The victims were allegedly usually older
teachers. In fact ageism is very common in education. I believe
the 'industry' is emulating corporate downsizing, replacing older
teachers with younger teachers who are CHEAPER. In addition,
younger teachers are less knowledgeable about school politics. And
if they aren't tenured, they're especially afraid to speak out.

"Now Weast is working his evil in Maryland, which, along with
Washington, D.C., may be the nation's 'education mafia' capital.
Are you familiar with [name deleted]? His sleazy career in public
education followed him into private practice. The last I heard, he
was under fire for corruption in some private education company he