Friday, May 19, 2006

More lies from the School Board

The school board majority lied again to the County Council as Superintendent Jerry Weast floated a "compromise" plan containing a poison pill to phase out Seven Locks Elementary School.

In proposing to move the "Seven Locks Replacement School" from the intended Kendale site to Bells Mill, the board told the County Council that the initiative had "unanimous support."

The direct implication from School Board President Charles Haughey (pictured) was that the two Kendale opponents, Valerie Ervin and Nancy Navarro, suddenly were in agreement with the board majority.

Haughey wasn't telling the truth.

Ken Millstone reports in the Almanac, "'There is unanimous support for this new approach' on the School Board even though there has not been time for a vote, Board President Charles Haughey wrote in a memo to [County Council Education Committee Chairman Michael] Subin. 'It addresses the space needs of Bells Mill and Potomac elementary schools in a timely manner.'

"School Board member Nancy Navarro said in an e-mail that she does not support the new recommendation 'because it only includes minor maintenance for Seven Locks ES. It does not modernize Seven Locks ES until 2011.'

"'I did not realize that an official letter was to be sent out. Once I realized this, I contacted [Haughey] right away but the letter had already been sent,' she wrote.

"'I also spoke to Board member Ervin, who is out of town, and she is not in support of the compromise for the same reasons I have stated.'"

So - Did Haughey trick the County Council into a "compromise" that would leave Seven Locks Elementary School open to a future phaseout? Is the May 17 compromise based on calculated deception? It sure looks that way.